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Welcome to Hobbies SVG Collection!

There are a variety of hobbies and activities that people like to do in their leisure time. Are you looking for some Hobbies SVG designs to make your DIY products awesome? If yes, here is the best choice for you! This hobbies SVG collection includes many digital files with various topics related to Bundle, Fashion, Fishing, Food, Hippie, Interest, Monster truck, Movie, Music, Wine, Yoga & Fitness and so on.

There are hundreds of incredible Hobbies SVG files created by our artists, who are keen on exploring new knowledge and culture. These Hobbies SVG files are original and unique which you can not find anywhere else.

We’re inspired by some events, festivals and holidays and some characters from famous cartoons, such as: Batman, Joker, Star Wars, Christmas, Golden Girls, Mother’s Day,...

Description of Hobbies SVG Files

You may use our Hobbies SVG to create finished items for personal use, gifts, or finished products that you sell. These clipart items are ideal for creating decals, wall decorations, clothing embellishments, personal invitations, party announcements, printed invitations, greeting cards, web graphics, digital scrapbooking, and a variety of other scrapbooking projects.

What will you get from this collection?

Our design team created these unique Hobbies SVG designs which are compatible with all design programs, including Cricut Design Space, Adobe Photoshop, and Wizard. The SVG download file is ready for cutting and can be easily imported into your cutting or design program. These SVG files can be easily adjusted to any dimension, perfect for vinyl craft projects.

Items in this collection are inspired by a lot of subjects ranging from Family, Cocomelon, Batman, Joker, Music Stars and so on. There are a number of Hobbies SVGs on our website, so make sure that you take time to look around to find something that meets your demand. These files are original and unique designs which you can not find anywhere else.

How to use these files?

You may use our digital files to create finished items for personal use, gifts, or finished products that you sell. These cliparts are ideal for cup decorations, web graphics, digital scrapbooking, and a variety of other projects.

What will you get from this Hobbies collection?

Once you purchased the products, you will receive:
  • SVG (ready cut file): suitable for Cricut Explore, Silhouette Designer Edition, Adobe Suite, Inkscape, Corel Draw, and more.
  • PNG (high resolution 300dpi): which has a transparent background.
  • DXF (ready cut): suitable for Silhouette users, this format can be opened with the free software version of the Silhouette.
  • EPS (ready cut file): for Adobe Illustrator, Inkscape, Corel Draw and more.
  • AI: which you can scale your graphics, drawings, and images

Because of being digital, there will be no physical products sent to you. Files will be in a zip (compressed) folder. You will receive a txt. file with a link for downloading first, so please make sure to extract files before trying to access files (Right click the zip folder, select “Extract all…” and select destination folder, desktop is usually the easiest way)

What are policies for this Hobbies category?


  • Because these items are digital files, it’s impossible to have the product returned. Therefore, we’re unable to offer refunds in any case.
  • Please make sure you are aware of what file types your project requires. If you need custom work done, please message us to receive full information about file types.
  • Make sure that the file formats offered here are compatible with your machine/software, because digital files can’t be returned. If you have any issues with the product please contact us. We will help you with great pleasure.
  • We do want our customers to be 100% happy, so if there is something we can help with, we will always do our best.


  • The users are solely responsible for determining if phrases used in any designs are trademarked or have any legal limitations for your intended usage.
  • You agree to utilize Licensed Products in accordance with all applicable local, state, and federal laws.

Copyright Claims

  • All rights reserved
  • The purchase of this file does not transfer rights or ownership to the buyer.
  • You are welcome to use this design on personal items. No mass production allowed. We do NOT allow my designs to be sold as transfers or sublimations without an additional license.
  • By purchasing any file from our shop, you are agreeing to all terms stated above.

Why should you use our Hobbies SVG Files?

  • Hobbies SVG files are widely supported: SVG is gaining popularity and compatibility on websites. In general, all major browsers support SVG at a basic level.
  • Hobbies SVGs are fast and easy to download: Due to their smaller size, SVG files download faster than raster images. Also, inline SVG code can be placed directly in HTML and can reduce server requests.
  • The files of Hobbies SVG are high resolution: SVG is mathematically calculated to fit the current screen resolution. So they look good at any resolution, which is important when higher resolution devices become more popular.
  • These Hobbies SVGs can be easily animated: Elements and attributes in SVG files can be animated. So you can animate image elements entirely using a single SVG file with CSS or Javascript. Despite the animation, this reduces the number of requests and the site loads faster.
  • Hobbies SVGs are easy to rearrange: With vector graphics, you can easily reposition and resize elements to fit different sizes.

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To make sure you have 100% satisfaction with our products, please read the description carefully and download the test version before purchasing. And we tend to to update new ideas and concepts every day in order to bring you the best thing! Thank you so much for visiting our Collection!